Conference Support

Whether you are trying to help your CEO make the biggest possible impact at this year’s conference or simply trying to getting six speakers across the line with co-ordinated, well-rehearsed content – Shimmin Communications can help.

Speaker training

Being yourself…but with great content

This is not about making ‘a new you’.  It’s about getting you relaxed and better able to deliver a compelling message in an impactful way.  Push someone too far outside of their comfort zone and delivery will deteriorate rather than improve.  Rob works with speakers to help identify the big themes in a speech and then uses video critique to ensure they resonate.  A detailed follow-up document and clips for each delegate helps consolidate the learning.

Speech writing

Making your story relevant to the outside world

Rob is an experienced speech writer and has penned numerous keynotes for CEOs and regional leaders of major global brands.  He’ll work with communication directors to gather messages before interviewing the executive to gain tone and more content.  Usually the engagement spans both content development and coaching on delivery.  Rob’s noted for adding creative ideas that make dull subjects interesting and his ability to attach themes important to the company to themes important to the audience.

Conference support

Helping maximise the impact of your conference

Helping speakers.  Rob is regularly commissioned to assist conference speakers in the development of their material and to improve their delivery when the day arrives.  He works well with multiple speakers, helping them integrate their presentations for a co-ordinated story that improves the audience experience.  It’s also a dramatic stress-reducer for those tasked with conference speaking.

Services include:

Moderating conferences.

Capturing the story and bigger message of a conference is not always easy.  A professional moderator can link together presentations to help build an awareness of the big theme as the day progresses.  The wrap up and call to action is also crucial in cementing the learning from a conference.

Rob really enjoys moderating and works hard to understand the objectives and detail of the conference.  His ‘up-tempo’ and smiling delivery lifts the mood of the day and skilled connections between content strengthens the overall message.  Call for references on Rob’s moderating skills from clients like IFS (Global Sales Conference, Monaco, 2014), Quadriga University (Crisis Conference, Amsterdam 2012 and Berlin 2013).

Speaking at conferences.

Rob is a regular speaker and has spoken at a range of events hosted by brands such as Baker & McKenzie, Dell, Forbes, Henley School of Management, IFS, Nordic Innovation and PRWeek.

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